Tuesday, January 12, 2010

General Anxiety/Anxiety Help by Cher

General Anxiety/Anxiety Help by Cher
We are living in a day where anxiety issues are prominent in our society. Things are so fast paced and stress is higher than ever before. People just don't seem to know how to relax, and I am one of them. My form of relaxing is laying down, not really a relaxation technique and I never feel relaxed afterward, this is all because I really don't know how to relax! I'm not really sure if anyone does. I know that breathing techniques help, i've talked about them alot in my posts, but it is very important to learn how to relax.
I am going on a quest to find out what method works the best for me. I will be researching and testing things such as Yoga, Tai-Chi, Meditation and many more.
I will keep you posted as I learn the different techniques and let you know how they work for me. This will be a test of the emergency anxiety program and how to cure myself and hopefully you too!
Try to have a stress less day!

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