Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Anxiety Help by Cher-another tip

Anxiety Help by Cher-Another tip

You can calm yourself down during an anxiety attack! Most people just suffer through it, not realizing how easy it is to get through it. I'm not saying that it will happen right away, it takes time. Please try though, there is not reason to suffer.

Breathing is the key. Take in a deep breath for a count of 10, make sure you breathe properly. If you are breathing properly, when you breath in your stomach should expand, when you let it out, it should deflate.

So breathe in for a count of 10, slowly let it out and let your shoulders drop as you do so. Repeat this slowly a few times, making sure not to hyperventalate.
Please do this in a safe place incase you get dizzy, but if you are getting dizzy, please stop.

You can relax away an Anxiety attack in no time by breathing!

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