Sunday, January 25, 2009

Anxiety Symptoms by Cher

Anxiety Help-Symptoms of an Attack

If you an adult, sometimes kids have them as well, but as an adult I think we all know what a bit of Anxiety feels like.
Usually we get shaky, breathe shallowly, and for most people it passes quickly. For people like us who's anxiety attacks do not pass quickly we have a whole gamut of symptoms that we go through such as:
Your cardiovascular system leaps into action.
Your heart beats hard and fast to pump blood 5X's the normal rate Blood rushes to the outer extremities in the muscles to enable sufficient strength for fight or flight.
Blood is constricted in other less essential areas like the surface of your skin (you end up looking quite pale as a result).
Blood vessels in the kidneys and digestive system also constrict and your mouth becomes dry as a result. To lighten the load your bladder or bowels may open up--hence irritable bowel and/or upset stomach, usually a feeling that you have to poo , and right now!
Sweat glands open up to cool your body down. Your respiratory system acts up, Your lungs and nostrils open up and your breath speeds up. This allows more air so more blood can be oxygenated, delivering more blood to the muscles. This also gives you the ability to scream loudly!
Also: Endorphins are released providing a natural pain reliever (sore joints won't limit your strength or speed). Our senses sharpen and our pupils dilate. We can even see better in the dark. Energy is metabolized. Fat is broken down from the cells and glucose from the liver creates a ready source of energy.
Your higher brain gets slowed, makes it hard to think Your thinking becomes intensely focused on identifying the source of danger even if it is not readily known. Any clue from past experiences is called up from the deep files in the far recesses of the brain. You are more reactive and spontaneous.
This is not a time for reflection. Anxiety attack symptoms are provoked by our fight or flight response!
In conclusion, for most of us it feels like a heart attack, or in extreme cases it we feel out of our body's, and a feeling of not being here happens. We can also think we are dying. You are not dying, you can work through these attacks and the more your practice the better and easier it gets.
There are some other tips to getting through an anxiety attack, just look at my past blogs. Try to reduce stress, knock out caffeine, and relax as much as possible. Every step helps. I hope you all have a calm day!

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Anxiety Help by Cher-Money and Stress

Moderate Stress by Cher

We all think that people with money are the only ones who can live a stress free life. We all wish we had more money to help make our stress go away. Well my friends, there are ways to help your stress levels without breaking your pocket book, or having to be wealthy.

I will agree with all of you out there, that money does help. Yes, but more money only brings on different stresses. Then you have to pay someone to help you reduce those stresses.
Getting to the point.....You can go see a masseuse...if you can't afford one, as I can't. Take a nice warm bath, or shower. Fill your bathroom with smells you enjoy, and or music you love. Take time for yourself, no matter how unimportant you may think it is. Everyone must take time for themselves as much as possible. You will find out how much less anxiety and panic you will have if you do this daily. Don't forget to eat right and exercise as well.

Take quiet time, to read a book, to just sit and relax. I must say though, watching a movie or T.V. doesn't count, because you are focused on something else, and those things you need to work out, are still at the back of your mind.

Try to make sure that the time is yours, and only yours. It doesn't have to be that long, 1/2 hour at the least. But try to do it often.

Most of us out there, live for others. Parents for their kids, others for their parents, some for others in the community who need help. You must remember yourself though, because without that time for yourself, how will you be able to care for others.

That bit of time you spend on yourself, will pay off in great stress relief in the end, and may even rejuvenate you enough to do that little extra, for you, for someone else you've been thinking about .
Here's to a less stress day!

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