Friday, May 15, 2009



I have been dealing with panic attacks for over 10 years now.

If you are having panic attacks/anxiety attacks first thing you do is contact a doctor!
Very important , to be assessed properly.
From assessment your doctor will prescribe either some sort of therapy and or medication to help you through.
Not everyone will adapt to medication on the first try, your doctor will try different dosages or even different medications , depending on your reaction and side effects to the meds. Now that seems scary, but I think the panic attacks are scarier.
Please don't suffer in silence, get out there and talk to people, talk online, ask others how they cope, because even with the medication, you still have to find a way to cope.
In my older posts I have tips on how to cope and get through an attack.
With practice they work very well. Please take time to read through, I want to help others get through, what I've been through with greater ease than I.
Here's to a panic free day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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For more insight into Panic/Anxiety Attacks!
For more physical help with your Panic/Anxiety!!

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