Saturday, October 25, 2008

Anxiety by Cher
Today's Advice

With Anxiety/Panic disorders, you can't do anything better for yourself that some form of exercise.
So, if you can. Go out for a short walk. Go for a run if you are able.
If you are not able, so some stretching within your home.
If you are housebound(ie. agoraphobia-fear of open spaces) the best thing you can do for yourself is step out of the house.
Baby steps, start with just going out the door, stand there for as long a you can, then do it again tomorrow, but tomorrow, take another step further.
If you try this each day, soon, you'll be on your way to actually going out!
Bottom line, for all of us Anxiety/Panic sufferers..................exercise every day! Have a stress free day!

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