Friday, April 16, 2010

Coffee and Anxiety by Cher

Coffee and Anxiety by Cher

Hi , I know what you are does that have to do with my Anxiety. Well, I'm here to tell you that Coffee is a major cause of Anxiety problems. If you are prone to Anxiety/Panic Attacks in the first place, Coffee will only make them worse. Being a stimulant, Coffee can and will make your Anxiety attack stronger, last longer and probably even start one in the first place.

I personally went for 8 years , having Panic Attacks almost daily. Seeing the doctors and taking the meds, still the Anxiety was huge! Going to my Doc one day with a Tim Horton's Coffee in hand, my Doc looked at me with huge eyes and gasped at the fact I was drinking coffee! He then told me all the ins and outs of why Coffee is a contributor to Anxiety/Panic Attacks and I quit coffee that day.

My attacks from then on were fewer and less severe, I still take meds, but low dosages. Coffee was a major reason why I was suffering.

Millions of us drink Coffee everyday, and do not realize the concequences of what that seemingly harmless drink is doing to us.

Switch to Decaf, or quit all together, your Body will love you for it!

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